What is a payment gateway??

What is a payment gateway??

Unlike Eventbrite or any other ticketing site, iPlayGigs charges nothing for you to sell tickets, merch or products, on top of the fees you pay to Stripe or Paypal – the payment gateways we use. In short, this means you make more money using iPlayGigs than any of those other ticketing/merch platforms.

Internet payment gateways, such as Paypal, Stripe, Worldpay and Sage are services that secure your online transactions to other people, usually in form of websites. The alternative is to make a direct bank transfer to a person or website you don’t know, which offers zero security that you’ll actually get what you’ve paid for and zero grounds for dispute as and when that happens.

So whilst nobody ever wants to pay a fee of any kind for anything, the fee you pay to use a payment gateway at least gives you the security that you’re covered by your bank card’s fraud and refund policies.

If you want more of a description, jump onto Wikipedia for a more in depth breakdown.

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