iPlayGigs: what is it and why do I want it?

iPlayGigs: what is it and why do I want it?

Oh hello there. Thanks for swinging by iPlayGigs.com. Here’s what we’re saying and why we think you should listen.

Your money is your money!
We don’t make any money on stuff you sell – not a bean. Be it tickets, downloads, merch or bundles or all/any of the above. All payment gateways across the internet (Paypal, Stripe, Worldpay etc) charge a fee of around 1.4% + 20p which we subsequently do have to cover, but unlike other ticketing sites we don’t chuck anything on top of that for our own profits.

We’ll shout about you!
Every event you add to iPlayGigs is subsequently submitted to Time Out, Guardian Guide, The Times, Localworld, Press Association and many more print and online listings publications on your behalf and at no cost to you.

Simply put, your event will be more visible and you’ll make more money on iPlayGigs than any other ticketing platform. iPlayGigs is the marketplace for unsigned musicians to get heard and make a living, without having to give a slice away to anybody else. All the analytics of your customers and sales reports are there if you want them, or just log in, sell stuff and write more music.

We come from a background of more than a decade of live music promotion (in the guise of eARmusic) and have held events and residencies for many an unsigned, future global star, including Ed Sheeran, James Bay, Ellie Goulding and Mumford & Sons. More than that however, we’ve seen many a hundred or even thousand musicians, just as talented as those above, to never see the acclaim that perhaps they deserved. We’re still enjoying many of the demos sent to us back in the day and we’re still fortune enough to get emails from bands and musicians on the hunt for shows or advice on where to gig. Thus, we decided to create a place to direct people to find the gigs we’d recommend, talk to each other and ply their trade as fairly as possible.

Got any questions? Ping them below, check our FAQs or drop us a message directly if that’s more your bag.

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