iPlayGigs now offers “Pay what you want” ticketing and merch…

iPlayGigs now offers “Pay what you want” ticketing and merch…

Remember when Radiohead released In Rainbows and we were all astounded to learn that the only way to buy it was to go to a website, enter any amount that you so desired, then clicked “download”?! Well, we’ve now managed to integrate that same functionality to iPlayGigs!

On the one hand, you can do a Radiohead and sell your next single/album through iPlayGigs with “Pay what you want”, but on the other hand, and where we think it gets really interesting, how about ticketing your next event this way? Nobody wants to play their launch night to every so slightly fewer people than they’d hoped, because they’d got their ticket price wrong! In fact, on the contrary I think most would favour bums on seats over a few extra bucks in pockets.

You could even get totally awesome; couple our pay what you want functionality with our ticket bundle option and you could sell your next album through iPlayGigs combined with a launch night ticket, at the price your fans choose! Set a minimum price, if you want to avoid anyone completely freeloading or set a maximum price if, err, you don’t want to make too much.

It’s a simple check box in the add event/product form, though you can always strike us up if you want any more info.

Happy gigging y’all!

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