Blogging on iPlaygigs is a great way to stand out across the internet.

iPlayGigs already submits all of your events to Time Out, Guardian Guide, The Times, Localworld, Press Association and many more print and online listings publications on your behalf. So simply by listing your events with us, you’ll be more visible to gig goers and potential new fans.

However, by blogging articles (of any size) on iPlayGigs, you’ll also be directly increasing your visibility across Google and other search engines. Your activity very literally increases your online relevance, thus search engines will be more keen to point people in your direction, than that other bloke who’s not bothered to write anything.

So simply put, the more you say and do on iPlayGigs, the more you’ll be seen and heard across the whole wide interwebular network dot com. And then you’ll play Wembley Stadium and live happily ever after. That’s pretty cool right there.

(Disclaimer: There’s no actual evidence, as such, that you’ll definitely play Wembley Stadium after writing a blog post on iPlayGigs. Though to us, it seems pretty inevitable. Kind regards. iPG.)

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